Born in Cuba, Vida’s family made the move to New Jersey when she was very young. Growing up she was raised very conservative by her parents but had always wanted to push her self to model but never gave herself the opportunity. Finally one of her friends summited photos to FHM in New York.

In December of 2002, FHM release an issue that would launch Vida into the stars. It led to multiple magazine covers, music videos, even movies.

That first photoshoot took Vida out of a life of 9-5 jobs and made her one of the most sought after models of the time. FHM started to receive a lot of requests for Vida and questions of where they can find more of her. The publication kept working with her which only opened the door for Vida to work with more and more photographers and publications.

Now at the age of 42 Vida is still creating and shooting with new photographers in a world that is ran by social media.